Are you experiencing or recovering from a toxic work or home environment, a health or mental health diagnosis or hospitalization, a caregiver role for someone with a new diagnosis or ongoing special need, a battle for services, the death of a loved one, divorce, a stressful negotiation or dispute, a job loss, a public relations nightmare, or a business downsizing? 

If so, you may be in or just through a crisis.

Crises can feel intense, overwhelming and draining.

At times like these, many people benefit from an extra pair of hands, an extra brain, an extra voice and/or an extra heart.  
A Crisis Navigation PartnerTM can help you determine your goals, express complicated feelings, gather important information about your options, find humor in the midst of a difficult situation, connect with valuable resources and make key decisions.

The Connect2 Crisis Navigation SystemTM 
comprises the following key aspects:

Assess current situation and envision best possible outcome

Connect client to relevant resources

Research additional information needed to make key decisions

Strategize for difficult conversations

Select options and systematize to mitigate similar future issues

Throughout every engagement, I provide ongoing emotional and practical support. For pairs, groups and organizations, I also offer mediation and ombudsman services. Depending on your needs, we may meet virtually or in person. Here are the three service options for individuals or pairs:

Single Session

Pay as you go to work with me for 55 minutes,
by phone or Zoom.


 10-Hour Retainer

You have 10 hours to work with me within 6 months of purchase. Combine multiple hours or work with me in 25-minute or 55-minute increments, by phone or Zoom.

$2,475 (saves $275)

Six-Month Intensive Program

In the first month of the Six-Month Intensive Program, we work together very closely, initially up to 3 hours per week. For each of the next 2 months, we meet for one hour weekly. Months 4-6 are for accountability support or after-care, with your choice of meeting half-an-hour per week or an hour every other week. You may choose for us to meet by phone, on Zoom, or on-site at your home, doctor’s or attorney’s office, child’s school, hospital, courtroom, etc. (Expenses for on-site travel will be billed separately.)

This program includes the opportunity to email or text me for support in-between sessions. You may also reallocate some of your session time toward an outsourced research project that I will complete on the topic(s) of your choice, to ease your decision-making.

$3,500 initial payment plus $950/month for the next 5 months 


$7,500 one-time payment  (saves $750)


Each client situation is unique. I invite you to set up a time to speak with me by phone or Zoom so that we can explore whether we are a fit to work together. During this 45-minute complimentary consultation, we will discuss the situation you are facing, your immediate and long-term needs, and some recommended next steps.  I may also be able to refer you to additional resources.