Sharing a Brilliance-Based Tool

From time to time I share tools to help you run your Brilliance-Based Business with more joy and ease.  This one is all about the ease. Which gives me joy. My awesome Joint Ventures & Operations Manager Jessica Zambarano discovered EchoSign a few months ago.  She recommended it for connect2, and we’ve been using it ever since. You know how you make an agreement with someone and you want to get it signed and get them a copy with your signature too?  So you use mail, or fax, or a scanner, or some combination, all of which seems to take too long?

Well, Echosign takes all the hassle out of it.  There’s no printing, faxing, or scanning (unless you want there to be).

Here’s how it works for us. We send a document (W-9, non-disclosure agreement, independent contractor agreement, client agreement, credit card approval, love note, or whatever) from the Echosign site to one or more intended recipients.  They receive an email from us and “sign” it digitally, at no cost to them.  Then they receive a copy signed by us. Echosign automatically files .pdfs for us both.  And the digital signature is as legally binding as a paper signature.  Easy-peasy!

Also, they just started integrating with DropBox, another favorite tool of mine, so we can grab contracts from there and send them out for signature right from the Send page.

EchoSign has a free option, which is where we started.  Full disclosure: if you choose a paid account, connect2 will get a small fee for referring you.  If you try it, let me know what you think!

What is your favorite tool for your Brilliance-Based business?  Please share in via comments below.

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  1. venuslogos

    I love echosign. It is fast, efficient, and very economical. I love being able to add fields to the document and also being able to send follow up notices. I recommend it as a business tool that makes a difference.