Still Over-Powering Through?

2013 was a challenging year. One year ago this week, my then-ten-year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  The ensuing changes in my little family’s life and lifestyle nearly turned us upside down. IMG_3298

Many miracles occurred last year, ones I could not reproduce if I tried, like finding my Diabetes Dream Team. Yet what primarily kept me going were some simple, repeatable processes and systems that I had deliberately put into place years earlier.

For most of my life, until January 2008, I chronically over-powered through any and every challenging situation, with very good business results and not-such-good results in terms of my personal relationships and well-being. Last year, through some of the most difficult circumstances I’ve ever experienced, I followed through without over-powering through. I stayed true to my priorities. 

To the extent that I could, I applied my brilliance to be of service to others professionally, but for the most part I moved my work to a way-back burner. Two keys kept me going:

1.  Amping up my own self care, after the initial crisis period ended

2.  Revisiting, evolving, and renewing laser focus on my Unique Definition of Success

Without these, I would have been back to my old habits of over-powering through.  Thank goodness I knew how not to go there.

Now that we’ve experienced and celebrated our first year of living with T1D, I’m ready and able to rededicate myself professionally. And I feel deeply called to do so by helping YOU create and sustain focus in your already-full life — regardless of what uncontrollable circumstances you’re facing — on success as you define it in this particular phase of your existence.

I am raring to help you experience the life-changing tools that enable me to appropriate my limited time and communicate with others, under pressure, as effectively as possible.  I want you to be able to do the same, to shift from feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired by all your responsibilities, to look back next January and say “Wow, I didn’t see all that coming, but I was ready! I found joy and ease, even in the chaos of my life and work, because I had the right tools and systems.” 

For the first quarter of this year, I have space to help eight professionals in this way.  If you want to be one of them, book a time for us to talk

I’m all about saving time, so I’ll tell you right now that I’m offering an incredible special to make it as easy as I can for you to become your Most Brilliant Self right away. We’ll do the Illuminate program together – seven one-on-one coaching calls completely focused on identifying your Brilliance and Unique Definition of Success and taking all the action steps we can to realign your life and work with them.

Normally this program investment is $5,997, with payment plans available. To help jumpstart your work by January 30, this month only you will save $1000.  I have never discounted my coaching rate before and I may never do it again.

You’ll be done in less than 3 months: empowered, realigned and fully armed with the tools to reassess on a regular basis so that you can always reconnect and re-center on what’s most important to you, regardless of what life throws your way this year and beyond.

If you are ready to accept help to figure out what your priorities are in the midst of seemingly countless demands on you, ready to learn proven tools that will help you build your life and business around what’s most important to you right now, join Illuminate here.  Or, if you want to chat a bit to explore whether the Illuminate special is a fit for you this quarter, let’s talk.

Let’s get started!