Talking “The Talk” – Finding Support for Mixing Motherhood and Work

The format may be reminiscent of another talk show hosted by a group of women, but The Talk has a different angle. It premiered in 2010, featuring 6 women of different ages, ethnicities, and religions – all mothers. Actress Sara Gilbert, who created and produces the show, envisioned it as a sort of national mother’s group. While the execution and popular success of the show remain to be seen, I like the idea because women trying to mix motherhood with careers have a lot in common — and we need all the support we can get!

Particularly for entrepreneurs, learning to integrate our work time with the needs of our families can be difficult. Sometimes flexibility can seem to make balance even more challenging. Finding a support network of others in our situation is critical – other working mothers may be the only ones who can understand and sympathize. And equally important, together we can pool our wisdom.

Since you probably spend as much time on your computer as I do, here are some interesting sites and communities that may be worth checking out:

Homebased Working Moms – an online community and professional association for mothers working at home. The site offers a wide range of resources including both professional and personal items.

Mothers Work at Home – If you’re looking to start a home business or are interested in business opportunities that won’t take you away from your family, this is the site for you.

● WorkitMom! – With a diverse set of bloggers, and articles touching on the work place and family, this site offers community and support to all kinds of working mothers.

The Integrated Mother – what a great name – and with the goal “to equip, teach, and support mothers to effectively manage their life and their work so they can enjoy the best life possible” it is well worth a visit. I stay tuned to The Talk occasionally to see what kind of insights these women have. Have you seen this show? What do you think? Have you found good communities of working mothers — online or offline? Please do share in the comments below.

originally published: 10/26/2010