Before I started working through the first two phases of the Brilliance-Based Businesswoman’s Success System, I felt depressed, anxious, worried, hopeless.


I did not know what I wanted to be doing with my life. I only knew that the things that I’ve been doing are taking a big toll on me.

In the Salon, I learned that I have needs and values and skills and interests and qualities. Prior to that, I don’t know that I would have said that I actually had any of those things. Just thinking differently about all of these things has made a big difference. The needs and values tool has actually proved to be an extremely important tool to help me understand myself, to the point that I actually typed it up and posted it on the wall next to my bed!

I totally recommend the Brilliance-Based Businesswomen’s Salon for anyone who is considering it! Trust Debra to lead you, guide you, shine the light into the places that you need. Trust me when I tell you that Debra is an outstanding guide through this process.”

Cindy Nacson-Schechter