The Power of One



During February vacation, my kids, my aunt and I went to see the new Disney movie McFarland USA. We sat in the new-fangled recliner seats, which are heavenly, but that’s a different story. Going in, here’s what I knew: it’s based on an actual high school coach who started a successful cross-country team in one of the lowest-income communities in California.

By the end I was in silent tears. Not because the ending surprised me. (I mean really, it’s a true story – is Disney going to make the movie if it turns out badly?) I found myself in tears because I was so inspired by the impact this one, previously unsuccessful teacher, had on an entire community. He helped 7 boys win some races. Way beyond that, he affected their families and his own, for generations to come.

Earlier that day I heard a successful entrepreneur I admire tell a story of when she learned never to hide her own prosperity. Bottom line, she realized that by showing what she had achieved, she could inspire other women to do the same.

I want to make the kind of impact these two role models have made. I want to be successful, on my own terms, not just for myself and my kids. I intend to repair the world, in whatever small ways I can. I pray that what I do will make a ripple, a positive effect for others, in the future and even right now.

This is why I blog.  This is why I speak.  This is why I’ve started ghostwriting for other Brilliance-Based Businesswomen.  Why do you do what you do?  Share in the comments below!  Not sure?  Let’s figure it out together.


  1. Julia

    Beautiful. I love the imagery of the ripples. Your blog does inspire me and makes me think — every time!

    • Debra Woog

      Those beautiful ripples… to me they are somehow both agitating and soothing at the same time…

  2. Virginia

    Yes, we too often hide our gifts, our brilliance, our specialness. I have waited too long to share but this year I am going to come out big-time. I'm 64 and need to quit waiting for 'someday'. I think most of us want to have a positive impact and the best way to do that is allow others to model the varied ways we show up.

    • Debra

      I am eager to see what happens when you come out! Keep us posted!