Upping My Game

UnknownIt’s a gorgeous day.  My kids are home enjoying some downtime between camps and activities.  Most of this week I’m advising MIT Sloan MBA students on their resumes. Between sessions, I see a break on my schedule and long to reward myself.  

Miraculously, I allow it!  The kids and I go outside for half an hour and kick the soccer ball around.  We have a blast together. 

I didn’t grow up playing sports, and any long time readers of this blog will know I run like a girl. But according to Brene Brown and the brilliant Naomi Coty (who presented last week to our Advanced Brilliant Learning Community), wholehearted living isn’t about athleticism; it’s about fostering connection.  Naomi says, “fostering connection is the heart of happiness.”

I aim to live wholeheartedly.  These days, the connection I crave most is with my kids.  They are growing so quickly, about to enter fourth and fifth grades, and they are yummy and delicious.  I love seeing what brings them joy, and Sunshine + Mommy Time is still a pretty easy formula for delivering it. 

How are you living wholeheartedly today?