How Many Ways Are You Using Your Brilliance?

Recently I mediated a co-parenting agreement between two people in the process of separating as a couple.  While I am certified in mediation, this is not my typical gig.  I did it because I was asked and because I felt committed to the children involved.  It was not an easy process but I felt it was important work that I was uniquely situated to do.

Upon reflection on the experience, I realized that all of my top skills, interests and qualities all came into play.  (Quick concept reminder:  your brilliance = your top 3 skills + your top 3 interests + your top 3 qualities.  In my parlance, brilliance is also known as SIQ.)


During this mediation, I served as a model, I facilitated deep inquiry, I held space to connect in and among, and I taught personal best practices for achieving effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communications.  Here was another application of my brilliance that I had never considered exploring until the opportunity arose.

Best of all, it worked!  The parties signed a two-part agreement and have been living accordingly for the past five months.

It’s time to develop or revisit your own brilliance.  Which aspects are you currently using in your life’s work?  Which aspects are missing?  What are some applications of it that you haven’t explored yet?  Share in the comments below.

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