What Will You Allow?

It’s been quite a busy two weeks here at connect2 and in the Woog McGinty household, and this week all 3 of us were fighting viruses to boot. If you know me at all, you know I’m a hard worker. I have schedules and standards for my success, and I am vigilant about living up to them. But I’m learning to be kinder and gentler with myself.

For example, I intend to post to my blog weekly. Yet during this particularly intense two weeks I blogged only once.  Since I’ve been reading about the value of self-compassion, I’ve decided to accept this minor “failure”, rather than squeezing out one more post or berating myself for not meeting this goal this time.

I’m learning that perfection emerges not from striving and creating, but from letting go and allowing.  By allowing myself to be one post short of a full blog this week, who knows what perfection will naturally emerge?  I’m staying tuned to find out.

What will you allow today?  Please share your comments!

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  1. Devra

    I allowed myself to believe that things would be ok without my intervention or sacrifice. I had a trip planned for this weekend – my first time traveling alone since my youngest was born – but my oldest got sick during the night and had to stay home from school today. My husband (and my hero – took care of our child and changed the sheets in her bed before I woke up) had to go to work, but he recommended I try finding a babysitter before deciding to cancel my trip. Found babysitter, child seemed to be ok – so I left town! And so far, everything really is ok! Except that I forgot pajamas, and I'm sharing a hotel room with my mom…