What’s Your Why?

An important element of the Brilliance-Based Businesswoman’s Success System is understanding your core needs and getting them met.  In my Independent Study Program, I teach an in-depth process for identifying your needs.  It’s helped thousands of people, so I stand behind it.  Tony Robbins has another framework that also fascinates me.  

Tony says that every human in the world has six basic needs.  He emphasizes that these aren’t goals or desires, they are absolute must-haves for each of us.  In brief, the first four  are as follows:

  1. Certainty (comfort)
  2. Uncertainty (adventure)
  3. Love (connection)
  4. Significance (the need to feel special)

He refers to these first four as Needs of the Personality.  He calls these last two Needs of the Spirit:

  1. Growth
  2. Contribution beyond ourselves

Fulfillment, he says, comes from the last two.  

Tony explains that it’s important we understand which two of the above six are most important for us.  He calls these our Driving Needs, and says they control the direction of our lives.  In other words, your lead system tilts you in a certain direction, which changes your destiny. 

Each need brings benefit.  Each also has a price.  Connection and growth drive me.  At root, all my major life, career and business decisions have been based on my desire to achieve fulfillment through these vehicles.  

What are yours?  How have they led you to fulfillment?  What have they cost you?  

For more from Tony, I recommend this powerful TED talk, complete with fun cameo by Al Gore. 



  1. Liz Blumenthal

    what a great video. It's right on. Thanks. Liz

    • Debra Woog

      He sure said a lot in a short time!

  2. Glenda Thompson

    Very useful concepts Debra. Thanks!

    • Debra Woog

      So glad you found them useful, Glenda!